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The perfect account for everyday banking

An ACU Access Account gives you instant access to your money while earning you interest. How good is that? It’s an incredibly convenient account that lets you easily handle all your everyday banking.

ACCESSCARDTM - can be used in all ATM and EFTPOS machines in New Zealand and at all overseas machines displaying the MAESTRO® symbol.

ACCESSTXT - is a 24 Hour cell phone service that gives you your account balances.

ACCESSTELLER - is a FREE 24 hour telephone service that gives you access to balances and transaction details and lets you transfer between your own accounts.

ACCESSMOBILE - is a mobile app that gives you 24 hour access to your accounts and lets you do all your banking from your smartphone.

0800 Number - lets callers outside the Auckland calling area access their accounts at no cost.

BILL PAYING - pay your insurances, hire purchases, etc by Automatic Payment or Direct Debit.

INTERNET BANKING - do your banking online in your own time, anywhere. 

You can save on bank fees too!

Talk with our staff to find out how you can arrange your banking needs to save on fees.