An AccessDebit Mastercard helps you stay in control of your money.

With an AccessDebit card you can use ATMs and EFTPOS machines, you can Tap & GoTM if you’re in a hurry, you can enjoy shopping online, but you can’t spend what you don’t have.

An AccessDebit card doesn’t tempt you to buy things you can’t afford then get trapped into paying high rates of interest. You can only use the money that is in your account. And that makes living within your budget a whole lot simpler.

One card that does so much

With an AccessDebit MasterCard from ACU, you can:

  • Shop wherever EFTPOS or MasterCard is accepted here or overseas.*
  • Get direct access to your money in your everyday accounts at ATM machines anywhere in the world.
  • Buy things online, by mail order or over the phone
  • Use it as a form of ID as it has your name imprinted on it.
  • Use Tap & GoTM at any shop showing the PayPass sign.

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