Manage your money on the go with AccessMobile

AccessMobile lets you manage your accounts on the go 24/7. As long as you've got internet access and a compatible smartphone or tablet, our easy to use, secure mobile banking app will help you keep track of your money anywhere, anytime!

Whether it's on a smartphone or tablet, you'll have the latest mobile technology at your fingertips.

What you can do:

  •     Access your accounts quickly and easily with a four digit PIN
  •     Check account balances
  •     View your transaction history
  •     Transfer money between your accounts
  •     Add automatic payments
  •     Perform one-off bill payments
  •     Add and delete bill payees

How it works?

  •     Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  •     Enter your existing Internet Banking access number and password.
  •     Choose to set a simple 4 digit PIN for future access or continue to use your internet banking access number and password.
  •     Then start managing your accounts on the go!

You will need to be registered for ACU's Internet Banking to use the AccessMobile App. To register for ACU's Internet Banking, go to or phone us on 0800 240 200 (outside of Auckland) or 09 277 8244 (in Auckland area).

It's free to use the AccessMobile app, but your usual mobile data costs and standard internet banking transaction and service charges will apply.

What mobile devices can I use AccessMobile on?

You can download and use it on any smartphone - Android or iPhone - and on Android tablets and Apple iPads (you'll need an iPhone or iPad version iOS 6.0 or Android device with version 2.2.3 or later). Basically, as long as you've got access to the internet on your mobile device, and a compatible operating system, you can use AccessMobile!

Is it secure?

AccessMobile uses high quality industry security encryption to help keep your personal details safe. For added security, AccessMobile locks you out after three attempts if you repeatedly try and log in with the wrong PIN and will time-out if the app is left running for more than two minutes with no activity. (Don't worry - if you've forgotten your pin - you can log-in again using your Internet Banking login details, or just contact us.

Terms and Conditions:

Downloading and use of this Mobile Banking app is also subject to the AccessMobile terms and conditions which are available here.

Download the AccessMobile app for iOS (Apple) or Android now!

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