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Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement General Terms

2016 Fees and Charges

Affordable loans are available for just about any worthwhile purpose. Together, we will come up with a loan repayment plan to suit your needs and budget.

Most loans can be approved the same day we receive your application providing we have the information required.

Here are some of the different types of loans available:

Express Loan secured with shares

You're able to borrow up to the amount you have saved in the Loan Provider account. You'll be glad you've prepared for a 'rainy day'.

Express Loans unsecured

An express loan of up to $500 is available instantly, over and above what you have saved in the Loan Provider account. The amount you will be eligible for is dependent on your ability to repay and will be discussed with you by our friendly staff. This may be subject to a credit check.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is when you borrow a certain amount of money, usually for a one-off purpose.

Depending on the amount required, you may be required to give us some form of security (i.e something you provide as back-up, This is called a 'secured loan'. We've listed the different options for this below.

All personal loans are subject to a credit check.

Some options for security:

  • your motor vehicle
  • your savings account excluding term deposit account with ACU

Motor Vehicle Loans

You may want a loan to help pay for a car or other vehicle. If you choose to offer the vehicle as security, we can offer you a very competitive interest rate.

Motor vehicle loans are subject to a credit check.


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